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20inch Folding Two-seater Tandem Bike Beach Cruiser 7-Speed bicycles

20inch Folding Two-seater Tandem Bike Beach Cruiser 7-Speed bicycles

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The durable body can perfectly cope with various complex city roads, making it more interesting for people who are willing to admire the city scenery, and easily conquering the city streets. The ergonomic bicycle allows riders to pedal straight with their backs, necks and shoulders, providing light and comfortable riding without compromising physical strength, greatly reducing exercise fatigue.

Meanwhile, the lower center of gravity allows riders to keep their feet on the ground at all times, improving vehicle handling and driving safety.

Ultra-compact size that is great for storage or in-vehicle use, and is about 1/3 the size of the finished product. Even slender people can easily carry it.

The person riding in the back of this product does not need to operate the steering wheel, so visually impaired people, elderly people with weak legs, and children can ride it easily.

The handle and saddle can be adjusted in height to suit the rider, so everyone from tall men to children and the elderly can comfortably enjoy tandem cycling.

Adopts disc brakes with excellent braking power, comes standard with a loading platform, and folds with a double locking mechanism that requires no tools.

Recommended for tourism companies who want to add new activities for family fun, municipal tourism, disaster prevention, and volunteer activities. 

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