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What Is XC Skis?

Aug 30,2023 | ACTAMID

Cross-country skiing (XC skiing) is a type of skiing where participants use skis to glide across snow-covered terrain, typically in a forward motion. Unlike downhill skiing, which involves skiing downhill on slopes, cross-country skiing involves both uphill and downhill sections and is often done on flatter or gently rolling terrain. It is a popular winter sport and recreational activity that offers a great cardiovascular workout while allowing individuals to enjoy the beauty of snowy landscapes.

Cross-country skis are designed to be narrower and longer than downhill skis, and they have a binding system that allows the heel to lift off the ski during the glide phase, facilitating a walking or running-like motion. The skier uses poles to help with propulsion and balance, pushing off the snow with the poles in coordination with the ski strides.

There are different types of cross-country skiing, including classic style and skate style. In the classic style, skiers use a diagonal stride motion and a parallel ski track. In the skate style, skiers push off with a motion similar to ice skating, using a groomed surface with parallel tracks. Cross-country skiing can take place on groomed trails, in backcountry areas, or even on frozen lakes and rivers.

Cross-country skiing is not only a recreational activity but also a competitive sport, with events like the Nordic skiing portion of the Winter Olympics. It's an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, stay active during the winter months, and experience the beauty of snowy landscapes.